Have you ever been watching a sports game, movie or TV show and thought to yourself, "Where could I get that person shaved into my head, portrait-style?"

To that question, Rob Ferrel has an answer: at Rob The Original Barbershop in San Antonio, Texas.

The barber/stylist and owner of the barbershop found his career really taking off during the 2014 World Cup, when clients have been lining up to have their favorite footballers (or soccer players, depending on your prerogative) re-imagined right on their hair. We first saw Ferrel's work on espnfc.com, and we knew we had to share.

According to espnfc.com, Ferrel's first hair portrait was of late rapper Tupac Shakur on his brother's head. He cites art as a passion of his and says he grew up in a big family that wasn't too keen on spending money on haircuts, so he did it himself.

The profile of Ferrel goes on to say that the whole process takes about two hours, starting with a picture of the athlete (or whomever) on Ferrel's phone, then using a straight razor and trimmer to create a canvas, non-toxic eyeliner pencils and lip-liner pencils for color, and finally some hairspray for protection.

All the attention he's been receiving recently is inspiring Ferrel to open a second shop location and maybe franchise some day. For now, The Original stays put in San Antonio.

To read the complete article on espnfc.com, click here.



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