Mandom Corp’s men’s grooming line, GATSBY, has announced their Moving Rubber Hair Wax will be strategically moving into the US market to be sold in professional salons.

According to GATSBY, Moving Rubber has been a leading product for men’s hair in Japan, and in other parts of Asia since 2006. Used to create both funky and sophisticated hair styles, GATSBY’s Hair Wax features a non-sticky formula for easy styling. The Moving Rubber series was developed under the supervision of Japan’s top stylists and was designed to provide its users with a one-stop-shop hair wax product line for men.

LinhPhan, owner and stylist at Be Scene Hair Studio in Washington D.C. says, “I’ve cut and styled many men in the spotlight and have not found a better product to rely on than GATSBY. I use it exclusively, and recommend it. It’s ideal for on-site stylists and runways because it is easy to travel with. It creates a moveable texture after application to dry hair and it’s great for quick and repeat styling.”

More info on each of the four settings (results are based on a scale from 1-10):

SPIKY EDGE: Ideal for creating spikes, Mohawks and similar styles.

Styling Power: (10/10)

Shine: (2/10)

WILD SHAKE: Creates a messy, casual look.

Styling Power: (9/10)

Shine: (4/10)

AIR RISE: For feathering and setting longer hair.

Styling Power: (7/10)

Shine: (2/10)

COOL WET: For a sexy and sophisticated wet look.

Styling Power: (5/10)

Shine: (9/10)

For more information about GATSBY hair waxes, visit, call Ariell Kirylo at 202-553-4448 or e-mail [email protected].