Olivia Garden has introduced the NanoThermic Contour Vent Combo Professional Brush Collection.

New NanoThermic Brush Collection from Olivia Garden

The brushes have a barrel that hugs the scalp and allows the barrel and bristles to get much closer to the scalp. When style starts closer to the scalp, it creates stronger and longer-lasting styles. The brushes are also designed to make styling faster.

The bristles are a 100% boar and ionic bristle blend with ball-point tips to be gentle on the scalp. Tourmaline Ion Technology helps hydrate the cuticle, adds shine and cuts down on frizz.

New NanoThermic Brush Collection from Olivia Garden

Finally, the Nano Silver Technology boasts anti-bacterial protection, and Ceramic Technology helps the brushes heat up faster and stay hot longer.

For more information, visit www.OliviaGarden.com or call 1-800-922-2301.