Essio, a clip-on aromatherapy system for the shower, and Essio's creator and CEO Peter Friis were recognized by the International Spa Association (ISPA) with an ISPA Innovate Honorable Mention for 2013.  This ISPA award recognizes individuals that "came up with innovative strategies, products and business ideas" and Friis' patented ESSIO aromatherapy for the shower design fits the bill.

The Essio experience happens in the shower, where the "arm" is easily attached to virtually any shower setup, and the disposable pods slowly release organic oil for an aromatic effect.

“According to our research, spa showers are often one of the lowest rated features of a spa as reported in customer satisfaction surveys,” says  Friis. “Our new aromatherapy shower system allows spas to extend the therapeutic experience beyond the treatment room and into the shower itself and transform the shower into a positive experience for the customer."

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ESSIO CEO Friis Receives Nod from ISPA for Innovation