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Mister Pompadour

Mister Pompadour officially launched in May 2014, and features a number of men’s products from waxes to pomades. The line sets itself apart with its smart, innovative products that are made from all-natural ingredients and are completely free of alcohol, parabens and sodium chloride.

Natural Beeswax Paste: Features high hold and a natural matte finish. Ideal for all hair lengths, types and styles, this product is made from all-natural ingredients and is free of alcohol, parabens and sodium chloride.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Forbes Names Sola Salon Studios Top Franchise To Buy

 Sola Salon Studios was recently named a top franchise to buy by Forbes Magazine. The accolade and success of the company is all credited to the more than 5,000 salon professionals at 230 locations nationwide and growing.

“Being able to give the American dream to thousands of stylists, it’s been the most rewarding business endeavor we’ve ever done,” said Stratton Smith, co-founder of Sola Salon Studios. “It’s all about experiencing the freedom to live the life you love.” 

Industry News

Unilever to Acquire Murad Skincare

 Unilever announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire MURAD, a leading clinical skincare brand. This follows the recent acquisitions of Dermalogica, Kate Somerville and REN, which jointly position Unilever as a key player in the personal care prestige segment. 

Industry News

Your Captions: Our 10 Faves... And You Didn't Even Know There Was a Prize!

This Instagram post from last week generated lots of love (more than 2,795 likes so far!) We asked for great caption ideas and you delivered with more than 125 comments.

There were so many to choose from, but here are our our top 10 favorites with a prize from our Artist Session goody bag going to the caption at #1:

10. @Mkl_stylist: Watch the ears.

9. @Lisacolony: Chicks really dig this look on me.

8. @Bmmlcox: Don’t forget my brows!

7. @Yolandahaynes: Get a look that’s out of this world!

Industry News

Mark Bustos Says #BeAwesomeToSomebody

Mark Buston (@MarkBustos) is a special guy. A VERY successful hairdresser, Bustos is booked back to back earning $175/cut at his base, the Three Square Studio in NYC. But on his day off Bustos goes out into the homeless community and approaches the needy to offer free haircuts. He has cut hundreds of street people, touching both their hearts and souls.

Industry News

Hotel Guests Become Nail Salon Clients at 70 Park Avenue Hotel’s Manicure Concierge

Guests in a hotel are almost always there for an event that they want to look great for, whether it’s a vacation, a wedding or a business meeting. However, after the hassle of packing and travelling, there’s always something that gets lost in the mix – like nails! They have an outfit planned to perfection, but forgot that chipped nails are going to look awful in those peep-toe heels. So, they head to the hotel concierge and ask about near-by salons that offer manis and pedis.


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