Artistic Colour in Vogue
Artistic Colour in Vogue


Hail to the nail!

While on the podium delivering her speech at the Democratic National Convention, First Lady Michelle Obama gestured with her hands and beauty-obsessed viewers went wild.  What was she wearing on her nails?

After much conjecture and speculation, it has been officially confirmed: Artistic Nail Design Colour Gloss in Vogue was the un-conventional color chosen for this momentous Convention occassion.

Best described as a “grey lilac with subtle iridescence” Vogue embodies the new generation of neutrals that women are choosing for their manicures these days.  A soak-off gel color, this on-trend, non-traditional color is a vote-getting sure bet.



Michelle Obama's Grey Nails: Artistic Colour Gloss Rocks the Mani

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