Nelson Chan
Nelson Chan

Despite the fact his clientele is drawn from affluent Beverly Hills, Nelson Chan, Founder of Nelson j Salon, continues to think of ways to service his clients who are time-pressed and cost-conscious.  Recently, the salon launched a convenient new option that allows clients to rent their clip-on hair extensions for $75 for special occasions. This rental can save clients approximately $75.00 and it also includes a self-addressed-stamped-envelope for easy returns.

“Extensions are a great way to make a statement, without requiring permanent changes, but they are still costly,” says Chan. “Spending around $250 to wear them for one evening is challenging for many budgets, so I thought a rental service would be a great option, but also allow someone to try more than one look during the course of a few months.”

 What’s Included

The $75 service includes styling/blow out and extension application, seven days of rental, and a prepared envelope to return the extensions, which must be returned to the salon within seven calendar days in order to avoid being charged a penalty, which is the full value of the extensions. If the client wishes to rent the extensions without the styling/blowout or extension application, the fee is $40, which includes rental for seven days plus the self-addressed-stamped-envelope.

Type of Extensions Offered

The clip-on extensions for rent are made of 100% human hair and the client receives 30 extensions.

Nelson j Salon also customizes wigs and hair pieces by offering cut, color and styling services. The hair piece or wig may be purchased separately.