Beth Minardi's Best
Beth Minardi reviews the process she used to achieve this model’s rich chestnut shade.

At the recent ISSE Midwest
show in Rosemont, Illinois, Joico
Vero K-Pak color spokesperson
Beth Minardi gave a three-hour
class where she detailed her
signature techniques—like zig zag
foiling—and colored models in the
latest commercial trends.

Minardi’s message wasn’t just about
the day-to-day business of coloring,
though. She also addressed how to be
a more confident colorist.

“Do not call color a service,” said
Minardi. “It’s an art form. You are painting
a living canvas.”

She also addressed the language
used in salons for color services. “I have
banned the term ‘single process’ from
my salon,” she said. “I call it a color refresh
and glaze.”

Minardi’s three-hour presentation
included lots of questions from audience
members and tons of formulas.

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