Hair Loss Control Clinic, partnering with the Toni&Guy salon chain, is launching Laser Therapy Lounge for clients with hair loss and thinning hair in Canary Wharf, London. 

The celebration of the new launch will be hosted with free hair loss consultations, plus a 30 percent discount given on laser hair loss treatments, which have been clinically proven to stop hair loss and re-grow lost hair.

Owners, Sajida and Saleem Rashid opened HLCC UK Ltd. Glow Beauty Non-Surgical Aesthetics initially provided skin care services, laser hair removal, high frequency treatments and Botox injections, but shortly thereafter, added hair loss services. The success and popularity of laser hair loss treatment grew so vast and wide, that by the summer of 2011, the director of Toni&Guy salons visited Rashid with a proposal to create a pilot hair loss program, which went into effect January 2012.  

Rashid’s role for the new Toni&Guy Hair Loss Program launch will be focused primarily in education. She will take the lead in training staff in laser treatments, providing client consultations and advising on product usage. “I wanted to become the exclusive distributor for HLCC because I believed in the products and I get such great support from HLCC USA,” she says. “They use a multi-therapeutic approach, trying to win the war on hair loss by using every possible angle. We’d like to make the HLCC brand a household name in the UK; it’s a product that everyone should be using for healthier hair!” 

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