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Industry News

YOUR Captions: Our 10 Faves...And You Didn't Even Know There Was A Prize!

This Instagram post from last week generated lots of love (more than 2,795 "likes" so far!) We asked for great caption ideas and YOU delivered with, as of this writing, more than 125 comments.

There were so many to choose from, but here are our our top 10 faves, in countdown form, with a prize from our ARTIST SESSION goody bag going to our fave caption at number 1:

10. @Mkl_stylist: Watch the ears

9. @Lisacolony: Chicks really dig this look on me

8. @Bmmlcox: don’t forget my brows!

Industry News

Mark Bustos Says #BeAwesomeToSomebody

Mark Buston (@MarkBustos) is a special guy. A VERY successful hairdresser, Bustos is booked back to back earning $175/cut at his base, the Three Square Studio in NYC. But on his day off Bustos goes out into the homeless community and approaches the needy to offer free haircuts. He has cut hundreds of street people, touching both their hearts and souls.

Industry News

Hotel Guests Become Nail Salon Clients at 70 Park Avenue Hotel’s Manicure Concierge

Guests in a hotel are almost always there for an event that they want to look great for, whether it’s a vacation, a wedding or a business meeting. However, after the hassle of packing and travelling, there’s always something that gets lost in the mix – like nails! They have an outfit planned to perfection, but forgot that chipped nails are going to look awful in those peep-toe heels. So, they head to the hotel concierge and ask about near-by salons that offer manis and pedis.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Promotions at Sam Villa

 Sam Villa announces Lya Navarra as Manager of Brand Advocacy and Leanna Trombino Rector as Manager of Marketing and Events for Sam Villa.

Navarra becomes Manager of Brand Advocacy for Sam Villa, effective July 15th.  She will be responsible for media content development for PR, video write-ups, blogs, Facebook management and social media support. She will also take over responsibilities for customer service support. 

Manufacturers and Distributors

Milady Listens to the Market: An Interview with Gerard McAvey, Director of Marketing and Training at Milady

Since 1927, Milady has been a leading provider of educational and business training resources for programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barbering, Nail Technology, Makeup, Massage Therapy, Salon & Spa Management and Business Training. Milady has helped more than 10 million beauty professionals achieve their license. There are also many resources available for instructors, including a library of videos and online ebooks and interactive materials.


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