Inspired by Paris, the City of Lights, and the color grey, hairdresser and artist Charlie le Mindu, who counts Lady Gaga among the celebrities he has dressed in his hair coiffure, presented his latest fashion collection, “Paris Hait Gris!“ – “Paris Hates Grey!“ during Paris Fashion Week.

The color grey is distinctly Parisian, according to Le Mindu, however he says the grey of Paris is not the boring, dull tone that many refer to when talking about “grey“; the grey tone is also a color that the Parisians “hate". The color grey featured in Le Mindu’s collection is a brilliant silver grey and again, Le Mindu used Hairdreams Hair as his main material.

Paris Fashion Week: Haute Coiffure Creations by Charlie Le Mindu

 “Strong, healthy, natural hair in brilliant silver grey are a real rarity,“ explains Le Mindu. “As a basis to achieve the silver hair, it needs to be extremely healthy, light blond hair, which is not easy to find. This hair then has to be depigmented and color matched very carefully without losing its inherent quality . Hair like this is only offerd by Hairdreams. As with my previous collections, I am very grateful to the Hairdreams experts, who continually surpass my extreme demands when it comes to hair color and quality. Only with the help of Hairdreams can I consistently fulfill my vision of “Haute Coiffure“!“

The presentation of his new collection took place  with live-performances, video-installations and an exhibition as part of an event in the Art Gallery “Joyce“ located in the Palais Royal, the City Palace in the heart of Paris, which also houses the French Ministry of Culture and the State Council of the Republic of France. Before this Paris show, the exhibits were also presented at the 30th anniversary of “Foundation Cartier“, a museum recognized for its contemporary art. For its recent anniversary, the foundation invited prominent artists to showcase designs.











Photo credit: Hairdreams

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“Paris Hait Gris“ Collection by Charlie Le Mindu with Hairdreams Hair











Photo credit: Hairdreams