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Barber Gives Misbehaving Children "Old Man Haircut" for Bad Behavior

Getting your child to behave may be as easy as giving them a new haircut — but wait a second, not just any haircut — a “Benjamin Button Special?”

The haircut, created by Russell Fredrick, co-owner of A-1 Kutz, has erupted on media channels from the Washington Post to USA Today. It involves shaving hair off a child’s crown until he begins to resemble a balding citizen.

Industry News

Grooming Birdman: Diana Schmidtke on Oscar Night with Michael Keaton

Celebrity Groomer Diana Schmidtke was taking a break during a long day of Oscar prep (she would return to the action to work on clients who were attending the round of evening Oscar parties) when she spoke about taking care of Best Actor nominee Michael Keaton.

Schmidtke has been working with Keaton throughout the Awards Season and she says his style is low-key, unfussy and natural.


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