Blog Review of NovaLash "Eyelash Magicians" in Hong Kong 

The authors of the witty fashion and lifestyle blog Three Bad Mice ( are unapologetic about the focus of their blog; they write about shoes, food and eyelash extensions and on those three subjects, they go deep. 

A recent post focused on their newfound love for NovaLash Eye Extensions in Hong Kong.

"Here's why we've fallen hook, lash and flutter for these eyelash magicians...

"During your pre-treatment consultation, the therapist talks you through a few reasons why the Platinum Bond glue may not be right for you (hay fever, allergies or very sensitive eyes) so that you can be sure that you're using the right adhesive for you. Once you've decided on the glue, your therapist takes you through each and every detail of your lashes - colour, length, curl, volume and general look. After which, you're ready to get lashed... 

"The treatment lasts up to two hours but this is something you'll be glad of once you're settled into the super-comfy reclining chair, covered with a blanket and lowered back until you're lying horizontally - the perfect perch for a couple of hours of snuggily snoozing! The therapist starts by gently removing your eye make-up before placing gel pads over your lower lashes so that your upper and lower lashes don't get stuck together. Next the lashes are painstakingly applied at least from your lash root and with no more than one false lash glued to each of your natural lashes so that the end result won't be too heavy and won't pull your natural lash out.

"Much of my treatment was a dream-filled blur, but a couple of z-filled hours later, I was woken by the lash glue dryer - the final stage of the lash application. Once the glue was completely dry, the therapist carefully combed the lashes through and then removed the gel pads. Voila - bounteous lashes were mine!"

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