The majority of clients today are those who could be classified as middle-aged--from 35-55--and they share common concerns.  When it comes to skincare, a midlife complaint is dull skin and overlarge pores. The folks at Pharmagel shared that as skin ages, it tends to slow down its cellular turnover.  With age and sun damage, worn out cells may overstay their welcome by an additional 20 days or more. This makes the complexion look dull, dry and weather-beaten. It also prevents moisturizers from penetrating deep enough to do their job. Women with oily skin may have blackheads and enlarged pores because dead cells plug the openings, preventing oil from flowing out. What to do? Exfoliate, cleanse and treat.  Exfoliating enhances the effectiveness of other products and helps skin look and feel more radiant.

Pharmagel recommends these midlife skin crisis treatments. Product descriptions in the captions: