The T3 Bespoke ColorLock Press and Spray utilizes a new technology that restores damaged color-treated hair and provides fast and predictable color results in the salon.

The ColorLock collection includes the ColorLock Press, a tool that uses non-damaging 450-degree heat and plates infused with zeolite and tourmaline to seal in color and reduce fading. The dimpled surface of the plate unravels the cortex and penetrates the pigment into the shaft. ColorLock Spray is a moisturizing, color-sealing formula that uses the heat from the Press to lock in color and restore natural shine and vibrancy to damaged color-treated hair. ColorLock can be used to lock in color following processing or for touch-ups between regular color services.  For more information, visit


T3 Intros New Hair Coloring Technology

The T3 Bespoke ColorLock Press and Spray seals in hair color and protects against fading.