Dashing Diva's Chip-Proof French Manicure

Lauren Salapatek | April 17, 2013 | 1:18 PM
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STEP 2: Clip application tab to release French color.
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STEP 1: Apply French Wrap Plus
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STEP 3: Seal with Dashing Diva Base Seal and Top Coat.
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Dashing Diva's Chip-Proof French ManicureBridal and prom season brings a wave of French manicure clients who want a flawless application with a perfect smile line and worry-free, smudge-proof wear even if they come in a day or two ahead of the big event. With Dashing Diva’s French Wrap Plus, which lasts up to two weeks, you can supply all of that and more.


Attaching only to the nail’s free edge, the ultra-thin French Wrap Plus can be applied with Dashing Diva Base and Top Seal for a natural nail manicure or with Dashing Diva Gelife Base and Top Gel, which is cured with an LED or UV lamp and removed with a soak-off service. The French Wrap Plus also is compatible with acrylic and other wrap systems. Both thin and thick bands can be mixed and matched with all polish shades, plus the thick and thin French bands can be used together for a double-French look.


Because French Wrap Plus is easy to apply, nail techs can ensure consistency on every nail, while hair stylists can offer it as an upsell. Promote the service as a:

*System to help natural nail clients grow out weak free edges.

*Transitional alternative for clients moving away from enhancements.

*Time-saver, because it can be done quickly and lasts for two weeks.

*Fun, on-trend service with a variety of color combo options.


A promotional table tent and instructional booklet are included in the French Wrap Manicure Kit, which comes with everything the professional needs to provide the perfect French manicure for natural nails: French Wrap Plus in thin and thick bands; Base and Top Seal; Brush-on Glue; two files; and a Client Size Card. Additionally, check out the official Dashing Diva video on YouTube.

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