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About the Company

Laser Hair Enhancement equipment for salons and spas.


Salon Lasers, Inc.

2557 Third Avenue

Huntington, WV 25703-1642

United States

Salon Lasers' Elite 90

It's an easy to use as a dryer. Two 30-minute services per week produce thicker, fuller-looking hair within a few weeks. A suggested service fee of $200 to $300 per month makes this a profitable and effective service for clients with thinning hair.

Salon Lasers Elite II

Description: Hair enhancement laser hood allows light
from 92 laser diodes to be placed in precise alignment to
provide complete scalp coverage for maximum scalp
stimulation. Available with a roll-a-bout stand or wall
mount. Operational controls are mounted on the side of the
hood, for convenient setup.

How it works: Clients visit the salon twice a week for a
30-minute laser session and typically continue treatment
sessions for six to 12 months.

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