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Spornette International

About the Company

professionally designed, professionally used spornette hairbrushes including these popular families: provo, prego, pronto, prix, taegu, touche', classic cushions, tippies,calais, metro,super loopers and the little wonder back brush brush as well as Battalia Combs and ceramic rollers and Marche' Cosmetic brushes.


Spornette International

18240 Harwood Avenue

Homewood, IL 60430-2104

United States




Phone: 708-799-8600

Spornette Air Motion Brush

The Air Motion Brush from Spornette is a multi-purpose hairbrush that reduces the daily wear and tear on hair. 

The brush is softer on hair, which decreases stress from other products, heat and natural outdoor effects. The brush comes in two color options, pink/gray or white/gray, and has a tri-bristle configuration. 


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