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About the Company

This is the address of the salon location in New York.



180 Varick Street

New York, NY 10014

United States



Phone: (212) 242-7786

ARROJO Curl Definer

ARROJO Curl Definer elevates curls, banishes frizz and shileds hair from humidity. Using a liquid gel formula, the Curl Definer combines moisture-rich Kiwi Fruit Extract to add structure and hold, and Matricaria Flower Extract to leave the hair feeling soft, bouncy and full.

ARROJO Styling Whip

Made with Argan Oil, this is a new kind of styler for all hair types and textures. The 'whipped' consistency penetrates the hair shaft more effectively, making Whip a wonderful, lightweight all-round styler.

Directions: It's so versatile it can be used with on any hair type. Apply from roots to ends of damp hair. Blow-dry or finger-style into your desired look.


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