New Quick Tease 15 Backcombing Finishing Spray by Redken

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Redken's quick tease 15 backcombing finishing spray, is a dual-action high-speed finishing spray that provides the added finishing benefits of volume, texture and control. It delivers long lasting texture with a matte finish and locks any look in place.

About Redken 5th Avenue NYC

Redken Laboratories, founded in 1960, introduced the idea of protein reconditioning and created products that were able to condition hair internally and for the long-term rather than solely camou age damage. Redken soon began to develop patented protein technologies and now holds more than 60 global patents on products and ingredients. In 1993, L’Oréal, purchased Redken, and now its headquarters are on 5th Avenue in New York City. Today, Redken is a global leader in professional haircare products and services.


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