Alterna Launches 2-In-1 Volumizer

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This products gives a new meaning to "two ways to play." Alterna's 2-in-1 Volumizer is a versatile all-in-one volumizing styler that can be used on both wet or dry hair. Formulated as both a cream (for damp hair) or paste (on dry hair), this lightweight non-sticky product creates overall fullness and adds lift to the hair. Recommended for all hair types and especially for clients with limp, lifeless hair. Available May 2104. For more information, visit


* Perfect to boost-up volume throughout the day

* The lift technology gives each individual strand amplification, creating overall volume

* Two Benefits: Two Ways: 1) All over fullness when used on damp hair as a cream before styling or 2) buildable texture and left at the roots when used as a paste on dry hair

* Adds body and personality to both short and long hair


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