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BCA: Joimist Firm Duo Gift Set

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Joico’s Joimist Firm Duo gift set supports Beauty for a Cure, the brand’s initiative to spread awareness of Breast Cancer. This finishing spray provides long-lasting firm hold while protecting against humidity. The company also introduced pink wristbands imprinted with the Beauty for a Cure logo. Duos with specially-designed packaging will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

About Joico ISO

From the very beginning, Joico's focus has been pure and unwavering...
To help hairstylists preserve, improve and enhance the integrity of the hair.
A unique combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative product development, inspiration from the worlds of art and fashion, professional education and commitment to integrity keeps Joico firmly in the forefront of professional beauty, because: (1)Joico is The Art of Healthy Hair (2)Technology, artistry, commitment, integrity. (3) Hair care professionals depend on Joico. (4) For innovation. (5) For inspiration.
(6) For creativity. (7) For a far-reaching heritage of excellence and quality. Above all, hair care pros depend on Joico for the products they need to provide their clients with healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.



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