Sexy Hair Holiday Promos: Voluptuous Volume and Play Big

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Sexy Hair prepares for the holiday season - with all its parties and events that just beg for unforgettable, festive hairstyles - with two holiday promos:

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray is a firm, fast-drying, volumizing hairspray that leaves hair manageable and super shiny while defending against damaging UV rays. It gives hair moveable volume, lift and hold, won't diminish under humidity, and is great for any hair type. 

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Humidity Resistant Volumizing Spray Mousse Duo is a humidity-resistant volumizing spray mousse that helps create big volume by pumping up the root with extra hold. It dispenses out as a spray and turns into a mousse to give tresses tons of volume. Apply to damp hair at the root to achieve lift or to dry hair to activate textural volume. It also protects hair from humidity to keep style from going flat.

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray is a fast-drying, volumizing hairspray that provides lift and hold while leaving hair manageable and super shiny and defending against damaging UV rays. Its extra strength won’t diminish under humidity and is great for any hair type.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder Duo is a powder that instantly liquifies when applied, allowing hair to absorb the product and gain volume. It is weightless, odorless, and colorless and great for getting instant volume on dry hair and for adding texture.

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