Spornette International's Ion Fusions

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Spornette International's Ion Fusions come in two displays: The first display, the #170, contains three styling brushes with Ion charged bristles. Ionic charged bristles absorb water quickly to make for a fast blow dry. The Cushion has both Ion charged nylon and boar bristles, and the Paddle and Vent brushes have tipped bristles for sensitive scalps.

The second display, the #180 holds three sizes of our one-piece seamless handle ceramic Rounders with new anti-static crimped bristles. The salon costs for the brushes range from $7.35-$12. For more information visit www.spornette.com.

About Spornette International

professionally designed, professionally used spornette hairbrushes including these popular families: provo, prego, pronto, prix, taegu, touche', classic cushions, tippies,calais, metro,super loopers and the little wonder back brush brush as well as Battalia Combs and ceramic rollers and Marche' Cosmetic brushes.



Email: brushking@aol.com

Phone: 708-799-8600


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