With cooler weather on the horizon, it's time to start considering a winter skincare regimen. Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Creative Director and Makeup Artist Lori Leib offers her top tips on maintaining healthy, glowing skin all winter long:

"During the harsh winter months it is important to exfoliate dry dead skin and moisturize the new fresh skin underneath. This is achieved by incorporating rich hydrating products that will give you that natural glow we all lack during the winter months. I love the Hydrating Mask by Bodyography SKIN because it can be used daily and gives your skin the boost it needs to look and feel it’s best when skin is lacking natural hydration, and it smells like watermelon - a summer staple to bring you back to warmer memories!

"We often forget the sun still shines in the winter, SPF must be worn daily to protect your skin from harmful rays! I am completely obsessed with Bodyography Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer all year long, but especially during the winter months because it has a light SPF and gives your skin the perfect amount of hydration and coverage - you may never use  foundation again!

"Our lips tend to get dry and chapped during the winter time, but are often ignored when it comes to our daily skincare routine. Bodyography’s Exfoliating Lip Duo is the perfect addition to any winter skin care regimen - the soft sugar scrub exfoliates dry chapped skin and the solid Marula lip oil locks in moisture and heals your lips."

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