pure BLENDS Color Correcting Kits

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Salon colorists and stylists are challenged on a regular basis with clients whose hair requires some type of color correction. We aren’t talking about the client who is looking for a total hair color change, we’re talking about the client with the need for a color adjustment.

American Culture Brands launches pure BLENDS Color Correcting Kits! 

The Filling Hair Kit is the perfect colorist tool to help with going from light to dark. When re-pigmentation is required to bring your client from a shade of blonde to brown, pure BLENDS color depositing shampoos can be used to quickly and easily fill in the hair. Pure BLENDS Sun, Marigold and Chestnut are the perfect pure BLENDS colors that can be used in multiple shampoo intervals to accomplish this. The Filling Hair Kit includes 1 each, 120ml pure BLENDS Sun Shampoo, Marigold Shampoo and Chestnut Shampoo, conveniently packaged in a vinyl carry case.

For more information, visit pureblendshaircare.com

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