One of the best things about FASHION WEEK is bumping in to friends and people you don't get to see otherwise. It seems that FASHION WEEK is the only time I get to see Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, the famed consumer Beauty Director (Glamour, Cosmopolitan) and author of "How To Look Expensive".

Andrea told me that Modern Salon Media was the first, last FASHION WEEK, to announce the publication of the now best seller (yay!) and that the response from the salon audience has been tremendous. "The salon professional really understands the importance of this book," she told me. "Not just for themselves, but for their guests and clients." It turns out that some of those clients are actually using tips from the book to guide their own stylists on the perfect "expensive" finish. "It's turning out to be a bit more interactive than expected," says Andrea. In this interview, she offers an update and tips for salon professionals on how to maximize the advice in the book.

There is a lot of great information in How To Look Expensive, and for those of you who have not grabbed a copy, Andrea shares how to get your own:
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