The Andis class at Premiere Orlando 2013, “Hands-on Clipper Cutting, the Andis Way,” was filled with barbers to stylists who wanted to learn more about the world of clippers. Some had never picked up a clipper before and purely wanted to absorb as much information as they could about the craft. Some had used guards for 20 years and wanted to switch over to blades, some had a majority of female clientele but wanted to expand into the men’s market, and some wanted to purely learn how to clipper cut with confidence.

PREMIERE ORLANDO: Men's Fading & Blending Tricks/Hair Splinters?

Whatever the reasons where, those that found themselves attending the Andis clipper cutting class at Premiere Orlando 2013 learned a thing or two about clipper cutting, especially when it came to fading, blending and tapering from both Andis' Antonio McGill and Kenny Duncan. 

Class members learned the proper care and maintenance to prolong the life of their tools. So how often should you actually oil your clipper? EVERY TIME you do a cut. You don’t want to over oil, because that can drain into your tool, or create a “hairball” in your tool. All that’s needed are three drops on each side of your clipper. Over oiling or under oiling can make your clipper not work correctly.

The class also delved into how doing systematic clipper cutting techniques can help you provide consistent quality cuts. “Mannequin heads are a great way to build confidence, perfect your skills, there always going to be there waiting for you to cut them," says McGill.  It’s a great thing when you can combine speed and quality. Combining both of them makes you more professional. Have a systematic approach to haircuts can make you more organized and feel more confident.”


When you’re cutting straight hair, you are at risk for getting a hair splinter. Sometimes this happens and you don’t notice it until a day or a few days later. The reason why you get them is because you’re not working with enough moisture in your client’s hair. Want to kick the splinters for good? Properly dampen the hair with every cut.