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24hr Cream Shadow Triptychs

Lauren Salapatek | February 16, 2016

NovaLash's award winning 24hr Cream Shadows eliminate the need for retouching throughout the day. They can be worn for an extended period of time without smudging, creasing, fading, or wearing off. No need for mascara, liner ...

Talking Lashes, Bigger Is Better and Faster Is Fabulous: NovaLash American Volume Series for Amped-Up Eyelashes

Anne Moratto | January 25, 2016

NovaLash artists are creating a lush lash line in less time with NovaLash American Volume series.  Applying the ultra-light American Volume Extensions in three curls with a “Fan, Feather and Load” technique, unique to NovaLash, and securing them with new rapid-dry HighSpeed Platinum Bond Adhesive, service time is cut in half while lash fullness is multiplied.

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