AJ Johnson
Curl Authority: AJ JohnsonStylist for Strawllers

Top techniques for curlies: I use a very small amount of foam mousse and AJ’s of Chicago Hydrating Mist and then set the hair on Strawllers. This gives the client soft and natural-looking curls.

Must-have texture products: AJ’s of Chicago Moisture-Rich Conditioner, the Leave-in Hydrating Mist and Strawllers. Combined, the products can enhance any hair texture.

How I acquired my “texpertise”: I have always had a passion for natural hair. I feel it is healthier and more versatile, so I was determined to create different techniques and products to enhance, add softness and infuse fun and life back to natural curls.

My best advice for working with texture: Avoid cutting textured hair while it is wet, because when the hair dries it will be shorter than anticipated and the cut will not be as precise. Also, apply some tension to relax the curls while cutting, and use a diffuser or blow out the hair a little on a cool setting before cutting.

Textured looks for spring: This spring there are no rules! The short, cropped, naturally curly or wavy look is always sexy and very cute in spring, while the big, funky, naturally curly look complements this spring’s bright, bold colors.