Curl Authority: Edward TeitelEdward Teitel
Stylist for Olez

Top techniques for curlies: To make it easy for the client to manage and replicate a style, I always recommend a restorative treatment such as Olez Inception, which is enhanced with Apple Stem Cells. This transforms the hair into a better canvas in order to facilitate all aspects of styling.

Must-have texture products: I really like Olez Inception, because it prepares the hair for your final styling results. If you can have a canvas with no frizz, hair that is smooth, shiny and has amazing body, your chance of success is going to be very good.

How I acquired my “texpertise”: I have naturally curly hair, and I’ve always been attracted to hair with texture. I also know that unless the hair is properly prepared, it can be a challenge and a lot of work. As with anything, you just have to practice, be versatile and experiment with techniques in order to be comfortable with all types of hair.

My best advice for working with texture: Be methodical in conquering the challenge. First prepare the hair, your canvas, with a restorative treatment. Then manage your styling, step by step. Don’t take too large a section, because you will lose control and the results will not be pristine. Don’t be intimidated, and take your time.

Textured looks for spring: I keep hearing more and more demand for “beachy” waves and random curls. These uneven textures tend to give a softer, more natural and pleasing look. We will see all lengths, but the randomness of the texture is what will give styles, or even the same old cut, a new look and feel.