Curl Authority: Franco Della GraziaFranco Della Grazia
Matrix Global Artist

Top techniques for curlies: When cutting curly hair, I use very little tension, because curly hair shrinks by up to a couple of inches when it dries. I cut curly hair in its dry natural state in order to use the hair’s natural fall.

Must-have texture products: I love to overload the hair with a mousse or styling spray to give grit to the hair! It helps to plump up the hair, increasing hold and resulting in great texture.

How I acquired my “texpertise”: I have very curly hair, so I understand it and know what it’s capable of—how far I can push it.

My best advice for working with texture: Treat curly hair gently. Don’t get it angry by over-combing it.

Textured looks for spring: I’m seeing a lot of interior shape and movement. Texture is hot for the coming season, so put away your irons!