Curl Authority: Ian DoreyIan Dorey
Creative Color Director at Ouidad New York City Flagship Salon

Top techniques for curlies: I love to paint (highlight) curly hair and really create dimension to show off the beautiful texture. I also gloss almost every client to give a high shine and soft texture to even the frizziest curls.

Must-have texture products: I love our new Whipped Curls conditioner. It’s a great rinse-out but an even better leave-in and style primer. I layer it under Climate Control Gel to keep the hair soft and even out the porosity so that the gel has a great surface to sit on.

How I acquired my “texpertise”: As a curly-haired person, I’ve had years of trial-and-error experience. Coming to Ouidad and learning the techniques here has been a game changer!

My best advice for working with texture: Don’t be intimidated; get creative! Textured hair allows for even more creative work, as it starts out as a 3D canvas! Use dimensional color to play with the texture, and always gloss everything together for beautiful shine.

Textured looks for spring: Spring is such a fun season to transition even my most basic color clients into. I like to paint highlights around the hairline to brighten the face and match the sunny spring mood. I also encourage play with warmer tones for more vibrancy.