Curl Authority: Jane CarterJane Carter
Founder of Jane Carter Solution

Top techniques for curlies: Observe the hair wet before cutting, and help clients to understand the difference in curl patterns, because they may have to concentrate more or less styling product in certain areas in order to achieve a consistent finished look, or finger-scrunch some areas and apply heat to others to prevent shrinkage. Sometimes it’s necessary to use a paddle brush and set the blowdryer on warm, not hot, so you can get a clean cut.

Must-have texture products: For medium-to-coarse textured coils, I love Jane Carter Solution’s Curl Defining Cream to stretch curls that tend to shrink and need curl definition and frizz control. My second favorite product is Incredible Curls for fine to medium texture with a softer curl pattern. For clients who like to double-strand twist their hair for more definition, I like our Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother. We recently introduced a Creamy Conditioning Cleanser, which is a great co-wash for clients who don’t like the dryness that shampoo can create. I love Seal & Shine, a sheen spray that doesn’t weigh down the hair. I always recommend daily hydration with either Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner or Moisture Mist.

How I acquired my “texpertise”: I have curly hair myself, there’s a range of hair types and textures in my family and my client base is really diverse. Working with all hair types and textures and understanding how each hair type reacts and responds has made me comfortable with the different styling and finishing options. I feel that it’s my professional responsibility to be comfortable with, and competent for, any client who walks through our door.

My best advice for working with texture: Carry products in the salon that you can prescribe to clients with all hair types and textures and experiment with multiple textures. If we as stylists do not view ourselves as professionals and perform services inclusive of all hair types, our clients will find answers from consumers on YouTube and purchase products in retail stores, and we will miss a huge opportunity to service them.

Textured looks for spring: It depends on the client you are working with! Creating a cut that works well as a wash-and-wear style makes your client’s life a lot easier. As a colorist, I like that there are so many color options for naturally curly/coily hair.