Curl Authority: Jeff DuckwallJeff Duckwall
Platform artist and educator for GKhair

Top techniques for curlies: I use a chipping technique, also known as point-cutting, with shears on wet hair. I take half-inch sections, vertically twist hair in a curl formation and start point-cutting below the S formation of the strand. I then take the tip of the shear and chip down the strands of hair; the thickness of the hair determines how aggressively you cut. Twist each section in the opposite direction of the last section. This technique gives beautiful, bouncy curls from scalp to ends, eliminating unwanted weight. I never cut curly hair blunt, because it interrupts the integrity and format of the curls.

Must-have texture products: GKhair’s CurlsDefineHer to balance out the curl, GKhair’s Serum to add shine and moisture to each curl and GKhair’s Work It Wax to scrunch in for movement and separation.

How I acquired my “texpertise”: Over the past 23 years in the industry I have had the opportunity to participate in amazing educational training all over the country directly from top talent such as Gina Derry, Ted Gibson and Michael Shaun Corby. Working beside these gurus and learning their cutting techniques and how they maintain textured hair, I was able to use my skills and develop my own personal creative method.

My best advice for working with texture: Schedule a consultation; this is key. A consultation will determine what type of texture you are dealing with and what you want your final results to be. Also, always educate yourself! Education = Success!

Textured looks for spring: The styles I will be doing this season on textured hair will be extreme lines, angles lifting hair in the back and stronger angles toward the front. This season is showing short to mid-length on textured hair. I’m going with the curl, removing internal weight to spring out and provide messy mobility, giving more movement to curl. I’m going to rock it out and give it an edge!