Veronique Morrison
Director of Education for Mizani

Top techniques for curlies: The most versatile and popular technique to enhance curl is to use double-strand twisting techniques along with combinations of braids and twists. This will create curl definition and volume while providing maximum styling options.

Must-have texture products: To create curl definition while enhancing manageability, volume and direction, Mizani’s True Textures line spans cleaning, conditioning and styling choices. Along with the True Textures Sulfate Free Shampoo, my favorite is Mizani True Textures Perfect Curl. Versatile and appropriate for all curly textures, it allows me to add moisture and definition without buildup, even when using a simple finger-twisting technique.

How I acquired my “texpertise”: As a curly girl myself, I have a passion to see the range of a curl’s potential: how far can it go? Acting on my curiosity, I started working curly techniques on children and young adults who had curl types 3-4 and wanted a more defined and dense curl pattern to keep up with their trendy friends. Twists, knots and braids quickly became my techniques of choice to enhance their curl patterns and bring creativity to their looks.

My best advice for working with texture: Go past your comfort zone and view curly hair as a canvas for creative growth. Ensure that you understand both the benefits and nuances of each curl type to enable you to address the products and techniques that will best provide the desired results, and keep advanced education top of mind to stay current as styles and techniques change.

Textured looks for spring: Spring curls are forecasted short to long and everything in between. From unconstructed blunt cuts with hints of asymmetry to graduated, layered, feminine styles, curls and creative hair color are the accents of choice this spring.