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Makeover: DIY Hot Mess To Regal Excellence

Katelyn Quigney (@hairby_katelynq) of Nicole Lynne Salon, Allentown, Pennsylvania had quite a challenge. "This client came to me with a grown out 'at home' color done by her friend months ago. She was bleached out and then her friend applied some sort of vibrant red."

Here Quigney shares how she transformed this home-made mess into something royally professional.

Step 1: Blend Wella Koleston Perfect 55/0 20 volume and drag from root to line of demarkation.


How To Make A Zillion Dollars As A Hairdresser

Let's just get it out there right away. Christine Le is a hairdresser and makes more than $600,000 a year. That is not a typo. She is a hard working stylist at the Visible Changes Salon inside the Willowbrook Mall in Houston, Texas where she is bringing in the bucks through services and retail (about 25% of her total). FYI, this big number does NOT include tips!!!!!

WOW. Really - WOW! But let's not waste time digesting that bit of news, let's just learn from this highly motivated artist.

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Makeover: Getting Smokey

Chelsea Branch (@chelseabranch) of "The Parlor House" (@parlorhousesalon), Monroe, Louisiana, says "Cassidy originally came to me for the first time this summer as a referral with brassy faded out color looking for a shadow root and cool blonde. Originally Cassidy and I agreed on using a demi-permanent color for her base so she didn't have to fully commit to coming in the salon every month with defined new growth along with an unpredictable work schedule.

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Balayage and Proper Toning For A Bright Dimensional Blonde

Clark Le (@Clark_Leq) of Obadiah Salon, Bellevue, Washington says "My client had not had her hair done almost a year. She is ready to go blonder over all, but she still want to keep it low maintenance. We decided to cut 2 inches off, re-shape her hair with some soft layers and then go in with a heavy balayage to get a lot of blonde but still keep the dimension."

Here Le shares the details for this transformation:

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Makeover: Virgin to Ginger - SO SIMPLE!

Allyssa Cox (@allyssaofbellavoi) of Bella Voi Hair and Nail Studio, Mountville, PA. was offered a challenge. "During a consultation before her appointment, she told me that her sister is a color specialist in another state and she had asked her to color her hair like this and her sister insisted that it couldn't be done. When she told me this I saw a challenge and I was determined to get this exact color."

Here Cox shares the how-to, using the Aveda Full Spectrum series. 

How To

Makeover: Dulled Fashion To Bright Sunrise

Amber Mahaffey (@coloroutsidethelineshs), Surfside Beach, SC, shares the details for this lovely transformation:   

Step 1: Pre lighten midshaft to 2 inches from ends using Redken Flash Lift with 30 volume developer with a splash of 40 to make 35, blended with Olaplex. Wrap in foil and process for 20 minutes.

Step 2: Paint roots and ends with same bleach and process an additional 30 minutes with lights. Rinse.

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Makeover: Box Blonde To Icy Blonde With Gentle Blue Peek-a-boos

Willow Shull (@willowshull) of Kharma Design Studio, Victoria BC, caught out eye with this gorgeous white ice blonde accented with some pretty blue peek-a-boo pieces. 

"Her hair was already pretty light golden blonde," says Shull of her client. "She has been coloring her roots with box color at home."

Here Shull shares the how to:

Step 1: Apply Wella Blondor with 30 volume catalyst and Olaplex in a virgin application (off root).

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Makeover: The Big Tone-Down

"This is a regular client of mine," says Connie Fusaro (@colorbycon) of The Color Cafe Hair Studio, Greenwich, Conn. "She loves to try new and different things! It's always fun doing her hair. The picture on the left was done a few months ago when she wanted to be be really blonde for the summer." And now it's time to tone down as she moves in to fall.

Here Zaccone shares the how-to:

Step 1: To the root apply Wella Color Touch 5/0 1/4 5/1.

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Color Correction: Messed Up To Gorg Sombre

Ally Feezel (@hairbyallyfeezel), Director of Education and Master Stylist at Blonde Faith Salon (@blondefaithsalon), Austin, TX, says this client has "been trying to get her hair lighter for several appointments at another salon and was never happy with the result. She had her color done in the before pictures about 6 weeks prior to seeing me and was left with brassy uneven highlights and breakage - thankfully only underneath her hair." Here Feezel shares the details for this correction:


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