It’s often the risk-takers who are willing to reimagine the palette of options and pair combinations who create unassumingly beautiful results, and redefine how we see and experience the world around us.

Whether it’s a chef who blends unique flavors and spices, a DJ who mixes the new with the old, a fashion designer who blends eras, or even bigger concepts like Uber or Airbnb that rearrange entire industries, all it takes is a fresh approach to make a major impact.

When Crazy Color launched its line of hair color more than 40 years ago, it set out to be a disruptive brand that armed professionals with the color palette to be creative, to artistically—and unapologetically—express themselves, and to encourage colorists to mix, match and create without limits. The brand proudly shares that it’s served as the UK’s number-one direct die for four decades and, thanks to its growing family of color options, educators and tutorials, it’s making major waves with influential salons and colorists throughout the US.

In these two hair color transformations featuring Crazy Color semi-permanent shades, talented artists take risks with eccentric combinations and unique accents for unpredictably beautiful, head-turning results that push the boundaries of color.


Colorists Jessica Phillips and Kel Tanner collaborated on this look that pushed the boundaries...

Colorists Jessica Phillips and Kel Tanner collaborated on this look that pushed the boundaries of eccentric combinations and unique accents.

In this look, colorists Jessica Phillips and Kel Tanner collaborated to transform their model from a faded, rooty orange-pink to a fresh, multi-toned undercut with precision placement and bold accents using Crazy Colors’ range of semi-permanent hair color, available in 41 shades that offer endless creative combinations. WATCH: See the transformation from start to finish.


Side sections: Crazy Color Toxic UV + Crazy Color Lime Twist + Crazy Color Caution UV melted into Caution UV

Top section: Crazy Color Peacock Blue + Crazy Color Sky Blue melted into Crazy Color Cyclamen

Accents: Crazy Color Caution UV + Crazy Color Canary Yellow

“I want my clients to feel empowered, confident and inspired,” says Michigan-based Phillips, a colorist known for her creative color work. “My absolute favorite Crazy Color products are the semi-permanent hair color creams. I’m able to create any color I can dream up and I love that about this color line. The consistency of these products is extremely pleasant to work with and easy to blend. Aside from the amazing assortment of colors, I absolutely love the consistency when I'm painting hair.”


Colorist Bianca Rose combined  Crazy Color shades with strategically placed accents of Platinum...

Colorist Bianca Rose combined  Crazy Color shades with strategically placed accents of Platinum for a result with major dimension. 

In this look, blues and blondes collide with show-stopping dimension. Cincinnati, Ohio, colorist Bianca Rose created the effect by isolating some of the existing blonde and layering Crazy Color Platinum on top to retain the dimension. “Too much blue would have made it too flat,” she says. Crazy Color’s Platinum is known for neutralizing unwanted pale yellow tones and is incredibly conditioning, making it the perfect complement to level 9 and level 10 pre-lightened hair.


Formula 1: Two parts Crazy Color Sapphire + 1 part Crazy Color Sky Blue

Formula 2: Equal parts Capri Blue + Neutral Mix

Formula 3: Platinum

“Crazy Color really sets themselves apart from other brands in the industry,” Rose says. “Everything from undertones to packaging is created with the colorist in mind.”

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