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Vivid hair can be as bold and disruptive or delicate and demure as you want it to be. But there’s no boring hair here – once your client hops on the fantasy color train, they’ll never feel “blah” again.

So, let us introduce you to your new vibrant obsession: Crazy Color, which was launched with a range of semi-permanent colors in 1977 during the punk rock explosion in Britain.

In a time that anarchy and free expression ruled supreme, one hairstylist was growing tired of the same natural color palette. Renato Brunas was at the height of his hairdressing career and was set to push the boundaries of color even further when he developed a new range of rainbow shades.

Crazy Color was born and over 40 years later their ethos is the same – express yourself unapologetically. Every bottle has a color that is ready to turn heads. Mix it your way to create a shade to match your style.

12 Vivid Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Color Creation
12 Vivid Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Color Creation

The pink bottles are 100% vegan and cruelty free, so you can enjoy your color with a clear conscience. Here’s the ingredient breakdown:

  • Sunflower seed oil: Key to intense hydration, sunflower seed oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and delivers moisture from the inside, out.
  • Raspberry seed oil: The ellagic acid included in raspberry seed oil effectively absorbs both UV-Band UV-C rays, which are the main perpetrators when it comes to color fade. This clever addition keeps your color vibrant for longer.
  • Avocado oil: A true superhero when it comes to preventing and fixing hair breakage. If you’re a color lover, avocado oil should be your new BFF!

Each of Crazy Color’s shades are ready to use. They don’t require any peroxide, or any mixing, unless you’d like to mix up your own custom colors of course.

With a range of 40 shades, Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent Color Range has something for everyone. Take a peek at these styles for the ultimate inspiration.

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