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Light, Time and Color is the latest collection from Tom Connell, Hair Art Director of Davines. Each portrait in this collection contains references to culture, music and art that have influenced Connell, making this collection difficult to explain within the simple context of hairdressing, but easier to share as a work of art.

“The collections for 2021 continue on the long-term cultural journey of bridging the gap between the hair industry, design, art and fashion, work which is innovative but with a transparent, authentic approach,” says Connell.

To better achieve this, Connell chose to shoot the whole project on film and in natural light without post editing to better enhance the reality and authenticity the collection. ​Light, Time and Color is the first chapter in the long-term cultural project that he is creating for Davines entitled "Portraits of People" as a way to offer creative ideas that blend and enhance the art of shaping hair to other creative dimensions.

Color: A Combination of Light and Time

Color takes center stage in this collection. Connell goal is for people see the unusual shades of color as use it as a guide to interpreting the image.

First Light

A shape that refers to Japanese architecture whose raw material is wood, in a warm beige tone. Every time you look at it a new detail emerges: the exaggerated bangs, a twisted knot, decisive undercut. A further influence comes from the world of fashion and from a famous headdress by Alexander McQueen.

Colorado Topaz

A particular shade of topaz, which exists in nature only in Colorado and the translucent coat of the Akhal-Teke horses are the color inspiration that accompanies this geometric and disjointed portrait that does not seem to belong to the same figure.


  • Hair & Art Direction: Tom Connell
  • Color: Ashleigh Hodges
  • Hair Assistant: Mathew Gavin, Grace Gebbie, Giuseppe Stelitano
  • Photography: Jon Gorrigan
  • Make Up: Jose Bass
  • Stylist: Steph Stevens
  • Product: Davines

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