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Full, shiny, silky hair has always represented health. That’s because what is happening internally is often reflected externally and stress, poor diet, or illness can show up in dull and even thinning hair.

MODERN SALON Artist Connective member Luis Miller @luisstylesnyc specializes in creating lush locks. His clients, including Snookie of “Jersey Shore” fame, leave his chair with va-va-va-voom volume and instant length thanks to his mastery of Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Miller preps his clients for an extension service, while also supporting their hair growth while wearing extensions, by recommending Viviscal Professional, a non-surgical answer for hair growth in men and women, and a 100% drug-free hair supplement formula. With just two daily tablets, Viviscal Professional is clinically proven to promote existing hair growth and reduce hair shedding in 3-6 months.

“What do you get when you combine Viviscal Professional with Great Lengths extensions? Double the growth and hair health without even really realizing!” says Miller. “By taking Viviscal Professional two times a day, you’re improving your hair’s health from the inside out. And since you’re already safely compensating for the lack of density and/or length with extensions for the 3-5 months, (almost a Viviscal Professional full cycle) you are sure to notice the results upon removal. It’s a win, win!”

Viviscal Professional contains AminoMar marine complex that supplies vital nutrients needed to help maintain normal, healthy hair growth. Recently, Miller has also incorporated a cleanse, condition and treat system, the Viviscal Professional Thin to Thick system of Shampoo and Conditioner,  from Viviscal Professional to impart more shine and expansion to hair.  To finish, he applies a densifying, leave-in treatment, the Thin to Thick Elixir.  The formula (which contains biotin, collagen and keratin)  is lightweight, and it plumps hair and gives it the appearance of fullness.


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