The Orlando Salon’s Orlando Rodriguez tested the new Hair AI app – the latest innovation from...

The Orlando Salon’s Orlando Rodriguez tested the new Hair AI app – the latest innovation from John Paul Mitchell Systems® - on his client Astrid Mahoney, and they call the tool “life-changing.”

Can an app with a scanner attachment actually improve the quality of your client service and boost your take-home income with very little extra effort on your part? The answer is yes! Orlando Rodriguez, owner of the Orlando Salon in Houston has discovered a new artificial intelligence system that he calls “life changing.” The JPMS Hair AI device and app is powered by your iPhone, scans the client’s hair and scalp and uses artificial intelligence to produce accurate analyses and recommendations for your guest. Recently, Orlando and his client Astrid took Hair AI for a test drive and shared their experiences.

See a demo of the Hair AI in action, courtesy of @alydavishair.

THE SALON OWNER, ORLANDO RODRIGUEZ “It blew my mind, and it blows clients’ minds!”

“I’m nosy, and when I first heard about this new tool with artificial intelligence, I had to know more! So I reached out to JPMS and they offered to send the Hair AI to me to test. I’ll be honest—I was a little nervous at first. I thought they would send me all this equipment and software and I would have to go back to university! But it all came in a small box with instructions and it was so easy. All I did was download an app, charge the scanner and clip it onto my phone. It’s so easy and user friendly!

“Once it was ready to go, I tried it out right away on Astrid. First it asks you questions about the client’s hair texture, density and curl pattern. Then it has a few questions for the client about her lifestyle and concerns. Simple but powerful questions. Next you scan the scalp and the ends of the hair. That’s really easy, too—it guides you with every step.

“Then, it felt like I just blinked, and I got the results. It showed me the condition of the scalp and ends, and the hair morphology (texture, density and curl pattern.) Next you scroll down and there are all the John Paul Mitchell Systems products recommended for this client. It blew my mind, and it blows clients’ minds!

“Once the client sees scientific backup for the products they should use, they’re like, ‘Take my money!’ And it gives you at least three options for each product so even if you don’t carry everything in the JPMS brand portfolio, you’ll have something that works.

“My stylists love it—they’re fighting over the who gets to use the four Hair AI devices we now have in the salon. And it’s working. I was just doing the numbers for my salon and our retail is up 27 percent! Even when someone isn’t confident recommending products, Hair AI backs you up.”

THE CLIENT, ASTRID MAHONEY: “When I saw the pictures of my scalp and ends, I was blown away by...

THE CLIENT, ASTRID MAHONEY: “When I saw the pictures of my scalp and ends, I was blown away by the quality of the images!”

“I was Orlando’s guinea pig—the first one he tried Hair AI out on. He told me this was artificial intelligence, and I was so excited! I’m a science lover and at first, I was skeptical because there wasn’t much to the equipment. But we went through the questions, he did the scan and when I saw the pictures of my scalp and ends, I was blown away by the quality of the images. Every strand was enlarged!

“I always thought I had medium to coarse hair and to my surprise, the AI told us I had fine to medium hair. That was a wow! Also, my hair had been really dry, and I had been working on healing it with more treatments and more frequent haircuts, and with Hair AI my stylist is able to capture and record my hair condition and health progress over time.

“I love products and I’m always up for trying something new. The Hair AI recommended the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint range, which I had never used. I bought the Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and the Moisture Milk Leave-In Conditioner and I love them! I’m such a fan. Even my hands are more moisturized! I’m also a stylist and I’m like Oprah—now I want all of my clients to have Tea Tree Lavender Mint products!

“The way I see it, this device is like an ancestry test for your hair. It tells you your hair’s DNA. The more you can understand about your hair and scalp, the better you can treat them and the happier you will be!”

Intrigued? Discover how you can bring Hair AI into your salon. 

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