Strong Relationship & Retail Results: Why Erik of Norway Salon + Spa Added REDAVID to Its Family
Strong Relationship & Retail Results: Why Erik of Norway Salon + Spa Added REDAVID to Its Family

When Erik of Norway co-owner Shani Wiggins first heard her CosmoProf rep say he wanted to introduce the salon to REDAVID Salon Products, an exclusive hair care line that was part of the distributor’s new boutique brand approach, she admits she was skeptical. Two years and many delighted guests and inspired team members later, she’s a REDAVID believer and advocate. She’s happy to share the salon’s success story with peers, and grateful to the REDAVID family for their passion, partnership and ongoing, hands-on support.

“We’ve carried  the line for just over two years, and have been thrilled,” Wiggins says, of REDAVID’s placement in the successful, 6,000-square-foot salon and spa in Mequon, Wisconsin, that she and husband Jason Wiggins have owned for 10 years, with nearly 50 employees. “The REDAVID line is clean, honest and easy to recommend. It delivers exactly what it says it will do.”

Filling the Gap

“Over the years, I’ve been approached so many times with possible new lines to carry,” Wiggins says. “I’d always felt we didn’t have any product holes or anything missing. You can only have so many shampoos and hair sprays for your clients to choose from, right?” Before REDAVID, Wiggins had three hair care lines already in play: one luxury color care line, one nut oil-based line, and one broad spectrum brand long affiliated with the salon’s previous owner, Erik Knudsen.

“My rep Matt from CosmoProf promised me REDAVID was unlike any other line and that our stylists and guests would love it, so we took the meeting,” she says. “And he was right. REDAVID fills in gaps with solutions like Volumizing Mist and Orchid Oil Dual Therapy, and benefits I never even realized were missing from our other product lines. Now, I can't imagine not having REDAVID in our salon.”

Family, Love and Hairstory

Once CosmoProf set up the meeting, the relationship between Erik of Norway and REDAVID began with founder Leonardo Redavid and his son, REDAVID President and CEO Marco Redavid, flying into Milwaukee from Vancouver to personally present an in-salon demonstration and host a Q&A session. That “back to the roots of the beauty industry” level of commitment in itself wowed Wiggins.

“It’s easy to believe in a company and hair care line when you see the passion behind it coming directly from this father and son duo,” she says. “As they began to present their line to our staff while Leonardo styled a model, I remember thinking I’d never seen anyone so passionate, not only about their beautiful products, but also for our industry.”

From where does such enthusiasm spring? Since 1990, Leonardo Redavid, an internationally known master stylist, former salon owner, and educator, has been using his expert knowledge and personal passion to design products that promote faster growing, stronger, healthier, shinier, salon-perfect hair for women and men. REDAVID Salon Products are a complete hair care and styling line of naturally sourced products, developed and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada. REDAVID offers the powerful combination of salon expertise, elements that pamper, and what the Redavids consider their miracle ingredient, Dynagen™

Wiggins recalls the Redavids spending hours at the salon that day offering product knowledge, helping stylists use the products on clients, even handing out samples to many guests.

Also impressive? It wasn’t a one-time occurrence. Wiggins says that, before COVID, the Redavids returned three or four times, always “pitching in, hanging out, and talking to and helping our hairdressers. That’s not typical.”

Since COVID, she appreciates that the Redavids themselves have remained connected, caring and innovative, with streaming education, Q&A and blogs. She also values that REDAVID is salon-exclusive, and that the leadership emphasizes they do not sell or intend to place any REDAVID products on the shelves of big box beauty chains that cater to consumers.

“Every time they are in our salon, in person or virtually, I am reminded of why I chose to carry REDAVID,” Wiggins says. “Their focus remains on the quality of the products and the knowledge they directly deliver to us.  How special is that!”

Affordable Luxury, Natural Solutions

Wiggins says the main reasons Erik of Norway guests love and buy REDAVID are simple:

  1. Performance
  2. Price point
  3. How easy it is to shop and use the products

“The price lives right in between our other lines, another reason it was a great fit. It fills a luxury position, and is affordable,” she explains.  

“We are also finding more guests looking for more natural product options, Wiggins says. “REDAVID delivers on this through all of the line’s natural ingredients, with Dynagen being the star.

Consumers and stylists are looking to add protein, to help repair hair, she explains. REDAVID with Dynagen goes beyond to help heal and rebuild hair with its unique technology and skincare grade chemistry formulated for hair and scalp.

REDAVID products are also sulfate- and paraben-free, which many guests request or need for different reasons, Wiggins finds. “For example, we recommend REDAVID to our clients who get keratin treatments at the salon, to ensure longevity of the service.”

Overall,  REDAVID’s natural and “-free” status has earned it a featured spot in CosmoProf’s Clean Beauty category in stores.

Building Loyalty, Focusing Attention

As a salon owner focused on profitability in a competitive market, Wiggins appreciates REDAVID’s distribution and business model. “The boutique brand positioning and special relationship with CosmoProf is appealing. They clearly care about their salons and take care of them.”

Also, REDAVID “doesn’t have an overwhelming number of SKUs,” she says, “and doesn’t come out with another product so similar to an existing one. Every product serves a purpose and stylists know exactly what it is.”

Available in a Core Collection of Everyday Essentials and an Orchid Oil Collection for Curl Care & Damage Treatment, REDAVID is shoppable and straightforward, with beautiful packaging, and easy-to-read graphics that stand out while complementing the salon.

Wiggins notes that best-selling REDAVID Orchid Oil Dual Therapy is especially distinctive both in performance and in appearance. “You pump both chambers to mix and activate the two formulas--on part Repair and one part Shine--and that creates an interesting experience for the guest, and starts a dialogue.”

Other early REDAVID success drivers for Erik of Norway were the Orchid Oil Collection, the Volumize Thickening Spray and the Cedarwood Leave-in Conditioner. Products throughout both REDAVID collections are unique with little to no duplication or overlap with other brands, and lighter, fresh fragrance profile that many guests gravitate to, Wiggins says.  REDAVID also uses skincare grade ingredients in its exclusive, hair care formulas, for “hair science that works, styling that stuns.”

The Right Decision for Our Salon

Wiggins remains confident that REDAVID was a good fit for Erik of Norway from day one, and values all the effort the Redavid family has taken to support their salon family. 

“We officially launched at the beginning of a new year, and I remember REDAVID generously donated 50 full-size Orchid Oil Dual Therapy treatments that we packaged with a sweet card and gifted to our top 50 clients in the salon, to thank them for their loyalty when they came in for their first Erik of Norway service of the year,” she says. “It was such an effective way to introduce the line to those important guests on a beautiful note, and a real feel-good experience for our stylists, too.

Personal, generous touches like this example and multiple visits and outreaches from Leonardo and Marco  reinforce for Wiggins what she believes must be most important to the Redavids: creating beautiful hair with quality products, all while sharing everything they know about both.

“Those may seem like simple things, but they are important and align with my values, which is why REDAVID is a company I want on my team.”

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