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Drawing inspiration from the geometric design of a decorative tile, Amber Skrzypek,  the creative technical ambassador for Keune, incorporates these graphic patterns into a sectioning technique.

The result creates a lovely layered look to the color, very soft and dimensional, and the finish—just like a tile—has a glossy glaze to it.

“There are so many different ways to execute this color. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you have fun doing it!” Amber says.

The Formulas

Amber divided the hair into six sections and used three different colors. 

1. All over toner (prior to technique) Semi Color: Clear- 12g, Soft Pink 6g, 7.24- 2g

2. Section 1: all Color Chameleon, Clear- 30g, Rose- 3g, Yellow- 3g, Dark- 1g

3. Section 2: all Semi Color, Clear- 10g, Peach- 4g, 8.38- 2g

4. Section 3: all Semi Color, Peach- 4g, 10.81- 4g

Repeat section 1-3 formulas in the back.

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