Olaplex Launches Beauty Uncovered Podcast & Teases New Product
Olaplex Launches Beauty Uncovered Podcast & Teases New Product

Olaplex has launched a new weekly podcast called Beauty Uncovered, a down to earth guide to all things related to beauty. Upcoming guests include celebrity hair stylists and colorists Tracey Cunningham, and Guy Tang along with JuE Wong, CEO of Olaplex. Available on Apple Podcasts, Beauty Uncovered debuted its first episode in March with celebrity stylist Justin Anderson. 

Ahead, Wong shares her insights on the latest launches from Olaplex. 

Why a podcast and why now?

Olaplex has the reach in attracting guests in the beauty industry that can help uncover beauty myths, discuss the compelling stories of some of beauty’s top brand founders and provide insights into the world of business. From our social media community, we’ve learned that they are really interested in what goes on behind the scenes. The podcast will be weekly, and new episodes will launch every Monday. 

What have you found to be the most effective tools for customer engagement during the pandemic?

We have found tapping into Google analytics and what consumers are searching for has helped us continue to be relevant and allows us long term engagement value with our customers. For instance, customers are searching for content on how to cut their bangs, how to fix damaged hair, and even how to fix burnt hair. Content is king and providing content that resonates with consumers is always an effective customer engagement tool. 

The No. 0 treatment has highlighted the at-home beauty needs of consumers. How else are you addressing these behavior changes?

The trend of at-home beauty and self-care will continue to resonate with customers even after the pandemic because there is an increased feeling of health and well-being. In response to this, we will continue to provide programs and products that can cross over for at home use like our blockbuster No. 3 Hair Perfector and highly successful No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment. We are creating products that consumers can use before they see their professional hair stylist so that they walk into the salon with already healthy hair and can achieve the best results from their professional salon service. 

We have a new at-home product launching that will help with this. We will continue to empower customers with knowledge so that they can be better informed about our scientifically proven formulas and product regimens. 

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