Genbook has analyzed data of an average of over 13 million appointment bookings per year to reveal commonalities amongst the most successful hair and beauty entrepreneurs earning 6-figures, finding that all reinvest the 156 minutes saved every week with online appointment scheduling software, into marketing, client experience, upskilling and wellbeing.

Genbook, a leading cloud-based software solution for service-based businesses in hair, beauty and wellness, reveals the most successful salon, spa and barbershop entrepreneurs are reinvesting the 156 minutes of time saved through automated appointment scheduling per week into marketing, client experience, upskilling and wellbeing.

An average of over 13 million appointment bookings are taken on the Genbook platform every year since 2019, and it was noted that 62% of appointment bookings are performed online, saving an average of 156 minutes per week for entrepreneurs in hair and beauty.

In turn, through a recent Genbook study, those who were making over 6 figures in revenue per year were using the time to reinvest in activities including marketing, client experience, upskilling themselves and staff, and their own wellbeing.

Bronwyn Karaoglu, VP Marketing at Genbook shared, “Our recent study has shown that in order for entrepreneurs to really succeed and reach their goals in this digital age, they need to be outsourcing the mundane tasks and distractions associated with scheduling, for example, so that they can actually spend the time marketing their business, investing into social media and their brand, as well as their clients’ experience. There are multiple hats to juggle but today consumers expect every touchpoint in their journey to be as great as the service and, when it comes to the hair and beauty industries especially, that client loyalty and repeat business is crucial to the success of these businesses.”

She adds, “In 2021, is it therefore more important than ever that technology is adopted to outsource the tasks that can be outsourced i.e. scheduling, as no entrepreneur can sustain all the tasks associated with running a successful business long term without considerable burnout along the way.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Genbook,” says Nuk Jones, Salon Owner and Entrepreneur, “While they take care of my scheduling needs I have been able to build my brand. I am free to invest my time into areas that will actually help me grow!” Nuk shares more of her story here.

More than half of all hair and beauty service-based businesses in the US and Canada are still scheduling appointments manually, however online booking software like Genbook is being adopted more than ever before, with a staggering increase in the adoption of online scheduling solutions every year.

To help entrepreneurs combat the fear of technology, Genbook has launched an online booking success guide to help entrepreneurs reach their goals sooner and without the overwhelm. Entrepreneurs can access the guide here.

Study Shows Six-Figure Beauty Pros Save Time with Technology & Reinvest It in Their Business
Study Shows Six-Figure Beauty Pros Save Time with Technology & Reinvest It in Their Business

About Genbook

Genbook’s simple-to-use and affordable cloud-based scheduling software solution is everything small business entrepreneurs need to help organise and manage their hair, beauty or wellness service-based business. Genbook takes care of online distractions, allowing entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on what matters — building a better business experience.

Since 2006, Genbook has helped over 22,000 small businesses in the personal service, grooming and wellness industry reach their greatest results.

Genbook is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with an office in Los Angeles, USA.

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