To be a serious gloss boss, Anthony Barnhill, an educator for Malibu C, has a two-pronged approach to getting perfect spread and saturation, without worrying about dark roots when applying a gloss. 

Gloss Like a Boss: Tips from a Hair Color Educator
Gloss Like a Boss: Tips from a Hair Color Educator

“I like to apply my gloss to the mids and ends and then do my root tap/shadow root. After everything processes I go to the bowl and comb, comb, comb," Barnhill shares. "Don’t stop, either. Each section needs to be a smooth swipe from roots to ends. This helps to create blend and lessen the chance of dark spots wherever the comb or brush might stop and get stuck (take thinner sections if this happens).”

To work it through, perfectly and evenly, Barnhill uses the Olivia Garden iBlend Brush. This stain-resistant brush helps create natural results by allowing for full saturation and even distribution of product.  It also helps avoid oversaturation and waste. It features dual length bristles—meaning there are shallow and deep layers, both—which are also gentle and flexible so even if you comb, comb, comb, it will be comfortable on the scalp and hair.

The other secret to glossing without stressing about your gloss taking too dark before the roots finish processing?  Barnhill suggests creating a buffer with Malibu C Miracle Repair or Olaplex No. 2.

“Apply this first, because porosity always grabs your ash. Once that is applied, tap those roots and then apply the gloss to the rest of the hair OVER your buffer. Comb to blend after processing. You can also try to formulate lighter and softer to allow full processing without any buffers needed. You play your way.”

Pro Tips: Elevate your sections to avoid bleeding during the comb through.

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