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Last year, in the height of pandemic panic and virus fears, we were worried about celebrating National Hairdresser Appreciation Day on the right date.   See, Google says one things--that today, April 26, is Hairdresser Appreciation Day--but other sources disagree and provide alternate dates.  We scrambled, trying to figure out which day was THE day.

This year, as our understanding of COVID-19 has increased and we see glimmers of hope everywhere, we realize that dates don't matter. What matters is the spirit of the celebration and the love inspiring it. 

We're so grateful to our community of beauty makers--the movers and shakers, content creators, and life changers. You amaze us with your resiliance.  You move us with your kindness.  You dazzle us with your talent.  Today and every day, we celebrate Hairdresser Appreciation Day.


Our friends at Bellus Academy shared a toast in your honor last week and also a poem penned in tribute.  Sharing it here.  xo

A Toast to the Nation’s Beauty Pros on National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Some say love makes the world go round,

and that may be so,


But what about when the chair spins ‘round,

And the mirror reveals a glow?


Call it love or joy, or simply delight,

Beauty is something much deeper than sight,


Beauty pros give from generous hearts,

As they trim our bangs or straighten our parts,


So heres’ to the ones who wield the brush,

Who give our skin a healthy flush,


And here’s to those who cut and trim and style,

Who apply the facial and work the nail file,


We’re honored to share a heartfelt gift,

To brighten your day and give you a lift,


All of us at Bellus Academy would like to say,

We wish you a beautiful National Hairdressers Day



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