NuWave is a revolutionary, semi-permanent service that offers clients customized curls, while...

NuWave is a revolutionary, semi-permanent service that offers clients customized curls, while leaving the hair feeling as good as it looks. 

From the runway to the street to the red carpet, sexy waves are all the rage, but achieving this look can be challenging for many clients. While they may spend hours with a blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers or crimping iron, many complain they don’t have the time or talent to create natural-looking waves as frequently as they’d like or their styles go flat shortly after they created them.

“Forty percent of today’s consumers report they want to have wave or texture in their hair, so that’s a large market for this service,” says Nick Pagano, an artist on Goldwell’s global artistic team and the co-owner of i.d. Salon in Woodbury, New York.

Cascading waves are now possible with NuWave, Goldwell’s new, revolutionary, in-salon, semi-permanent shape change service that effortlessly creates this desired texture, while leaving the hair feeling as good as it looks. Not only does this service provide personlized waves on demand, it lays the groundwork for clients to effortlessly style their own waves every day.

According to Pagano, the service takes approximately 90 minutes depending on the client’s hair type and length and the desired result they want to achieve. “This is a semi-permanent service designed to last about three months,” he says. “It’s a new technology, being done with a new curl tool—it’s not just a texture service, it’s a support system for styling.”

A before and after of a client who received the NuWave service.

A before and after of a client who received the NuWave service. 

Here’s how it works: Goldwell’s innovative Smart Control Bond System ingeniously stops the waving process once the hair reaches its desired shape, so clients get the wave they want, along with the feel of supremely health hair.

The 4-step, in-salon service includes:

  1. NuWave 1 Prep Cream is applied to gently soften a minimum amount of bonds within the hair.
  2. NuWave 2 Shaping Lotion activates those softened bonds while promoting a controlled shift into the desired shape.
  3. NuWave 3 Replenishing Serum works to rebuild the integrity of hair strands, infusing them with keratin, amino-acids and Panthenol.
  4. NuWave 4 Lock-In Fluid locks the bonds to seal in waves for up to three months.

When used in conjunction with the Goldwell System Protector, NuWave can even create beautiful waves on damaged and/or bleached hair.


“Even though this service uses a new curling tool, it’s very easy to learn how to use it and it’s fun. After you’ve rolled a few curls, you have it down,” Pagano says, who recommends stylists watch the video to see the service in action.

NuWave is perfect for any client looking for effortless waves that last for up to three months without regrowth, who want total freedom in styling, who want a foundation for styling, and crave hair that feels healthy. “As my stylists talk to their clients about their hair challenges, we are recommending this service to clients who want texture without the challenges,” Pagano says.

As clients are returning to their salons, and salons are heading into the summer months, now is the perfect time to introduce clients to this new service, give them the looks they crave, while giving your service revenue a boost.

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Originally posted on Salon Today