Data on How Beauty Services are Rebounding
Data on How Beauty Services are Rebounding

As more people become vaccinated, lockdown restrictions ease across the country, and clients emerge from quarantine and rush back to salons and barbershops, we hope the days of DIY beauty are now in the rear view window. 

Accoring to booking data from Booksy, a leading beauty and wellness appointment app with 13M users,  a vast array of appointments are rapidly being booked--up to 87% over this time last year. Some services, such as pedicures are up which are up 299% since March 2020, are having a dramatic rebound. 
According to Booksy, the No. 1 service booked in 2021 to- date is haircuts. Booksy examined booking data across the U.S. during January-April, 2021 to identify the most popular services based on appointments scheduled..
(based on appointment booking data from Booksy platform Jan. 1-April 30, 2021; based on appointment booking data from Booksy platform March 2020-March 2021

  1. Haircuts; up 214% since March 2020
  2. Beard trim; up 206% since March 2020
  3. Beard maintenance; up 116% since March 2020
  4. Shave; up 147% since March 2020
  5. Beard dye; up 115% since March 2020
  6. Pedicure; up 299% since March 2020
  7. Braids; up 243% since March 2020
  8. Weave; up 132% since March 2020
  9. Silk press; up 189% since March 2020
  10. Manicure; up 234% since March 2020
  11. Trim; up 189% since March 2020
  12. Shaved head; up 124% since March 2020
  13. Baby ear piercing; up 117% since March 2020
  14. Dreadlocks; up 188% since March 2020
  15. Beard shave; up 149% since March 2020

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Originally posted on Salon Today